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Jürgen brings an objective view from the outside about how systems work and the reflection on employees and partners. Jürgen has exceptional qualities as a moderator and mediator in conflict resolution; all partners feel comfortable with his approach very quickly and leave with a good feeling afterwards.


Jürgen’s relaxed and uncomplicated manner is unique. He makes rapid connections and gets to the heart of the issue quickly and humorously. Jürgen’s approach is fun and his positive charisma motivates others, creating a good mood even with emotionally demanding topics.


His metaphors and solution approaches are short, precise, funny, honest, original and authentic. Jürgen is a really cool guy!

Jürgen has taught me not only to speak of purpose, but to continuously pursue it and translate it into action. He showed me how this can work in concrete terms - even and especially in the case of abstract challenges.


Jürgen would be the perfect guide for the jungle: he focuses on the goals of the expedition, conveys the (self-)confidence to be able to create the way and has the necessary experience and optimism to be able to adequately counter unforeseeable dangers and clear them out of the way. Through Jürgen I have learned to trust myself, especially in uncertain situations.


Jürgen’s wealth of experience, optimism, drive for action and creativity will literally infect you and let you look at your own way of working and organization anew. He brings people of all levels of an organization together and knows how and when to provoke in order to mediate, to interpret and to form a team.